A special offer to make it even easier to make it even easier to switch

Reduced Deposit Promotion

We understand that changing all the meters in your property is a big decision to make, and it can also seem like a substantial initial cost, especially for properties that require a large number of meters.

We have extended our introductory promotion, and customers can still receive a reduced deposit.  Any orders for two meters or more will have to pay a deposit of just £120 each. This offer is valid for orders placed before 29th June 2018.

So if you’ve been thinking about making the switch, now is the perfect chance to find out just how easy things can be with Landlord Metering.

And remember, we are so confident that you and your tenants will like our service, that if you aren’t happy you can cancel at any time and be refunded your deposit.

Reduced Deposit Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  1. This offer is available for orders placed before 29th June 2018.

  2. When ordering one meter the deposit is £150.

  3. When ordering more than one meter at the same time, the deposit is £120 per meter.

  4. There is no VAT on meter deposits.

  5. Naturally all orders are subject to our normal Terms and Conditions.